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Venturi scrubber

Venturi scrubber
Venturi scrubber
Product Description
Venturi Scrubber

‘B.D.FANS’  Venturi scrubber is widely used in metallurgical industries. It is simple and compact in design and with easy operation. When introduced into a strum of dust laden gases, traveling as a high velocities (usually from 70 to 100m/sec.), water disintegrates into fine droplets. In order to accelerate the gas stream, builts into the gas flue in a converging cone which terminate into a small tight of cylindrical cress section (throat), where the velocity at the gases is its highest. The gases then expand in a diverging cone and their speed falls. The converging cone, the throat and the diverging cone all together from as high speed atomizer and a cyclone separator make up a venture scrubber.  

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